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Heat Pump

Integrated Heat Pump

Upgrade to a greener hot water system.

Requiring no solar panels and conveniently housed in one unit, our HOTFLO Integrated Heat Pump provides great reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. And because it uses the same fittings as a standard electric hot water system, it makes upgrading easy.


RIN250EHP Integrated Heat Pump

  • Vitreous Enamel coated tank
  • Simple all-in-one installation
  • Compact design
  • Perfect for replacing an electric system
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Hard water compatible(3)
  • For installation guidelines, please see downloads section

(3) Subject to water quality parameters as defined in Warranty Conditions.

This product is eligible for the following Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC)*: 

  • Zone 1 – 22 STC
  • Zone 2 – 21 STC
  • Zone 3 – 26 STC
  • Zone 4 – 27 STC
  • Zone 5 – 27 STC

*Accurate at the time of publishing, contact Rinnai or Clean Energy Regulator to confirm.


Why Green Energy?

With years of experience and hundreds of installations across Western Australia, GEWA offers you piece of mind when it comes to selecting the right brand and product for your home.

Tank Type

GEWA offer both stainless steel and vitreous enamel lined tanks, in closed coupled or split system format. Whilst in most cases both tanks can be used in residential applications it is important for our staff to assess which is suitable for you.

Collector Type

Flat plate collectors or gas evacuated tubes is a common question. Are the tried and tested flat plate collectors as efficient as the highly marketed gas evacuated tubes and what is most suitable for our climate? With the ability to supply both we will provide you with a non-biased approach to selecting the most efficient type for your budget.

Booster Options

The back up to the solar hot water system can be either electric or gas, not all options are viable, whether you have the infrastructure in place or are specifically looking to make use your solar power system, we can advise you of the benefits and most appropriate ways to use either back up for those months when the solar radiation is reduced.